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Intuitive branding,
web design and illustration for brands that inspire a better future

Design for the purpose-driven.

“Lauren is a gem and a pleasure to work with! She truly feels like a member of the team. I love that my website can work for me now. Previously, my website felt like a landing page filled with work that I had accomplished—sort of like a digital resume. Now my website SELLS my services and events.”

— Fatima | IndieSoulGlow

Together we can craft a brand identity that dives deep into your why, creating an authentic connection with your purpose that relates to your people

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Learn how to...
build a thriving brand rooted in purpose

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set your foundation

set your foundation

It's time to start finding trust in ourselves, taking inspired action, and yes... seeking support!

I’m Lauren, brand/web designer, and illustrator helping bring your big vision to life. Good design isn’t just pretty imagery—it tells your story, inspires change, and cultivates relationships with your people. Working together, I save you from the DIY struggle, free up your time so you can focus on what you do best, and most importantly, help establish a brand that you’re proud to show the world.

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Learn how to... 
build a thriving brand
rooted in purpose

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