1. Prem Pradeep says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I share similar views on personal projects. They are completely YOURS. Coincidentally, I also took up a 100 days of illustrations challenge and today I’ll be posting my final work on prem.ium_designs.

    Setting your own pace is really important. I could do one design everyday for 55 days. After that I lost my streak and felt extremely guilty for not maintaining consistency. But that was an unnecessary negative thought. The whole point was to create without any constraints. After I realized that, my designs actually became better. Instead of creating to upload everyday, I worked to create good stuff whenever I can.

    Even I suggest everyone to take up challenging personal projects. After my 100 days of illustrations I’m starting a 100 days of 3D art challenge. It’s addictive and one has to experience it.

    It was an amazing article. Please keep writing more. Would love to read about your story as well – from how you began and what you’re doing now. Please do consider writing about it.


    • Lauren Coyle says:

      Hi Prem! Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback 🙂 I love that you’re really taking on these personal projects by storm! Doing these the way that works for you is so important. Forcing myself to do a 100 day project every single day just didn’t work for me either. And that definitely shouldn’t stop anyone from starting their own! As you may notice, this is a young blog, I plan to write much more. Stay tuned! Thank you for the suggestions and wishing you all the best on your 100 days of 3D art challenge!

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