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Hi there, I’m Lauren, owner of Onward Wander Studio—a creative studio that focuses on surface design and illustration. I believe we can all live a life that's authentic (and freeing!) by finding trust in ourselves and taking daily inspired action.

OWS started with a trip. One of my first "adult, I'm not on vacation with my parents" kind of trip to Europe. I was fascinated by all the unfamiliar surroundings, architecture, styles and customs. I found everything new, beautiful and different, taking in each street at a much slower pace. When I returned home to Philadelphia, I found myself appreciating all the little things that I tended to overlook. I didn't know this at the time, but what I discovered was the art of being present. I was inspired to create more, explore more, and take more chances.

Even though I’ve been in the design world for 15+ years, OWS began as a stationery and home goods line—selling art prints, greeting cards and tea towels online and in brick and mortar shops. It's now evolved into a full service studio collaborating with incredible creatives and brands. 

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