Thrive with a brand + design that truly tells your unique story.

You’ve dreamed about this and worked towards this for a long time.

To live your life differently.

You want to help shape the world and provide a better future. Even if it's a small change, you care, and you feel passionate about what you're striving for.

You’re proud of how far you’ve come and what you’ve built out of thin air, (and you should be!).

a little about you...

Book a consult call to get started.

Book a consult call to get started.

When you first started, you put together a logo and website that worked for the time being, and now you’re feeling disconnected to that older version. You’re having a hard time showcasing your unique voice through your current branding, and you're feeling a bit stuck. 

The idea of doing it yourself simply overwhelms you, because let’s be honest, your time and energy is better spent on what you do best. 

Working together will not only help free up your time and energy, but strategically create a beautiful and powerful brand with your authentic voice in mind.


This is exactly that moment where we come in!

Hi there, I’m Lauren, owner of Onward Wander Studio—a creative studio that focuses on branding, web design, patterns + illustrations. I believe we can all live a life that's authentic (and freeing!) by finding trust in ourselves and taking inspired action.

OWS started with a trip. One of my first "adult, I'm not on vacation with my parents" kind of trip to Europe. I was fascinated by all the unfamiliar surroundings, architecture, styles and customs. I found everything new, beautiful and different, taking in each street at a much slower pace. When I returned home to Philadelphia, I found myself appreciating all the little things that I tended to overlook. I didn't know this at the time, but what I discovered was the art of being present. I was inspired to create more, explore more, and take more chances... that seemed very scary, but also, very aligned.

Even though I’ve been designing for 10+ years, OWS began as a stationery and home goods line—selling art prints, greeting cards and tea towels online and in brick and mortar shops. Working on this line helped me understand what it’s really like to run a small business and how your brand and website can impact your success. Helping creative + conscious business women grow in their brands has become my main passion. I feel grateful every day to work with such amazing women!

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