Buy one, give to many—a purposeful and powerful brand mission that’s interpreted in the leaf lines of the logomark. For every soap purchased, they're able give one hundred bars to children and families in need. 

EcoSoap  | Branding

EcoSoap believes in zero waste, and supplying soap to organizations and families in need in remote regions of developing nations. Frank and Samir came to me needing a brand refresh that truly tells their unique story and appeals to their ideal customer (young families and people who care about giving back). We stuck to vibrant color tones that also represent elements of nature. Their overall branding has a slightly hand-lettered /  hand-drawn feel, and the illustrations elaborate on their story for each country represented within each soap type. The logomark connects their passion of zero waste and giving back to communities in need through the simple leaf shape and leaf lines. 

It was such an honor working with Frank and Samir from EcoSoap—helping them tell their story, and taking great strides towards positive change!