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“I didn’t realize that our impact, in terms of helping families and empowering women in developing nations, could be illustrated, but Lauren brought our vision to life! Many of these women we work closely with got a bit emotional when they saw the new designs, as for the first time they felt truly seen.”
— EcoSoap 

Together we can craft a brand identity that dives deep into your why, creating an authentic connection with your purpose that relates to your people. 

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I believe we can all live the lives we dream of by finding trust in ourselves, taking inspired action, and yes... seeking support!

I’m Lauren, brand + web designer helping you bring your big vision to life. Good design isn’t just pretty imagery—it tells your story and cultivates relationships with the right people. Working together, I save you from the DIY struggle, free up your time so you can focus on your zone of genius, and, best of all, create a brand that you’re proud to show the world.

It’s great to dream big, it’s even better to make inspired progress on that dream—now let’s make it something you can stand behind and believe in.

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