Organic apothecary for the modern woman who believes in the restorative and mystical properties nature has to offer. Living World Apothecary is being represented as modern, and chic for the secretive tree-hugging, moon-tracking nature lover. 

Speaking to the ideal customer I focused on the combination of clean lines and organic elements with subtle variations to the type. She understands the importance of using natural and organic elements in her beauty routine, and wants it to feel like a high-end, luxury experience that's connected to the divine. We stuck with earthy, feminine and contrasting color tones, modern type and flowing / feminine imagery—all with a hint of mysticism. It's more than just apothecary but a lifestyle rooted in daily rituals.

Living World Apothecary

Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Aiony Haust

Veronika Zhangalova Muah

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