The Process


Week 1–2 In-Depth Research, Discover + Mood Board
After your questionnaire is submitted I will review and if need be, schedule a discovery call. I'll review your brand profile and core offerings, brand goal, audience profile, business values and brand positioning amongst your market. I’ll put together your brand strategy guide and visual mood board. We will then get on a call to review and to make sure we are on the same page.

Week 3–5 Initial Concepts
Here we begin the design process! I will create two fully fleshed out brand concepts for you to review. Here we will get on a call to review both concepts. You’ll then receive a brand review form assisting you in the decision process.

Week 6–8 Chosen Concept + Revisions
 A final concept has now been chosen, and it’s time for any revisions that need to be made. We will also then start discussing the collateral you wish to create.

Week 9 Final Review
Taking one more look at your brand design, making sure everything is perfect. 

Week 10–11 Collateral
We will review your collateral design. This is such a fun part where you get to see your new brand come to life! 

Week 12 Style Guide + File Send-Off! 
Now that your brand is ready to go, you’ll receive all your necessary files and your brand style guide. We can review any questions you may have during the final call after launch.

Web Design

Week 1 Beginning Your Website  + Wireframing
Here we discuss your main business goals, and sales funnel. Reviewing how you want your ideal client / customer moving through your website. I’ll begin mapping out your website through a bare bones wireframe. This section is less about visual design and more about layout strategy.

Week 2–3 Put Together Content
During this time, you will get all your content together. This is the time between mapping out your website and understanding exactly what content you need for your site.

Week 3–4 Website Mock-up Design in Illustrator
Now that we have your layout created, it’s now time to move onto the design aspect of the website. At this time all photos and copy will be due.

Week 5 Website Design Review + Revise
Here you will have time to review all facets of the website layout and design. This will be viewed as a PDF with notes regarding functionality.

Week 6–7 Website Transition to Chosen Platform
After all revisions have been made and the design is approved, it’s now time to bring your design to life! We’ll move your approved design to the platform of choice.

Week 8 Final Review + Test Phase
Here you’ll be able to fully see your website across all screen types. We will both take a moment to review and test all elements of the site and make sure everything is perfect.

Week 9 Web Launch!
Your brand and website are ready to go live! At this time we will schedule a final call celebrating, reviewing everything, and answering any questions. 

This is a general overview of how your project may look like, however, each project is a bit unique and may vary from this timeline. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started?
I’m so happy your interested! To begin, we get on a call and review where you’re at and how we can work together. Once we both decide it’s a good fit, I’ll then send over your start date (previously discussed), contract and initial deposit invoice. Once everything is set, I’ll then send over your initial questionnaire and proposed schedule/timeline to get the ball rolling!

How soon can we start?
There is normally a 2-4 week waiting period from booking your spot to starting the project. However, this is a great time to get a head start on your homework! Feel free to reach out if you’d like to book a few months in advance, the sooner you book your spot the better chance you’ll get your ideal start date.

Do you work on smaller projects like website updates or a postcard design?
Unfortunately I do not. Aside from custom illustration projects and/or if we have already worked together on your branding. If you are a previous client, I’m happy to work with you on expanding your collateral and/or updating your website!

How do payments work? Is the initial cost broken down or is it one flat payment?
My packages are broken down into 2-4 payments (depending on the scope of work). An initial deposit must be made to ensure your spot, and then after that payments will be broken down evenly, making it much more manageable!

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I offer plans on a monthly basis after the initial deposit has been made. These payments are made automatically via your payment of choice (think of it more as a subscription).

If I’m doing a web design with you, what do I need to provide?
Through my process, I’m happy to guide you on your photography and copy. However, for best results, hiring a professional brand photographer and copy writer is encouraged. These materials would need to be supplied mid-way in the web design portion of the project.

Hop on a consult call.

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