For dreamy photographers and designers that work in the wedding sphere! This website template also works great for a variety of creative and visual businesses. This template is a great way to get your website up and running in a gorgeous and powerful way. 

Special page feature... Includes a gallery page.


The Bohemian


Helping you get found a little quicker. All templates are search engine optimized and can be updated easily through the Showit dashboard. 

SEO Made Easy

Our templates come with a built-in WordPress blog design, and can be customized directly from your Showit dashboard. Need to transfer your old blog posts? This can be easily done with Showit's help! 

Wordpress Blog Connection

Your template will always have a mobile friendly design, so you don't have to worry how your site will look on different screen sizes. You also have complete control with your mobile design by using the mobile view feature in Showit. 

Mobile Friendly

Once you buy your template, you'll have access to it almost instantly. Allowing for a quick weekend build and launch if that's what you're aiming for! 

Available Instantly

The best news when building a Showit website? There is no need to make design or layout updates with code! Showit has a drag and drop interface, allowing you to make updates easily and freely. 

No Code Necessary

There are no limits to how you customize your Showit template! From color, fonts, imagery and design elements, you can add, alter, remove, or rearrange each and every detail. You can also hide sections you're not ready to publish, but would like to go back to later. 

Completely Customizable

a few features...

Our templates are made for you to setup and launch your site with ease. We know how it can be, taking months and months to get your website out in the world. We'd like to stop this never launching cycle, and make it 100% doable for you go ahead and launch! 

Grow Your Biz Quickly

Our templates are designed with real businesses in mind with thoughtful layout design. Each template has prompts on what to say where, so you can feel supported through the website build and launch process.

Professionally Designed

Stuck on where to start? Our templates come with a video tutorial library, making your website build easy breezy. 

Video Tutorial Support


Working with one of our templates makes your website build WAY quicker than it would be starting from scratch. Allowing you to get that new look, offer, or business out into the world! 

Launch Quickly

Once you hit purchase, you'll receive an email on how to get started, along with a video tutorial library helping along the way. We are also available for support! Please email with any questions or issues you may be experiencing. 

Easily Build Your Site

Take a look around and review which template would work best for your business needs. Pro tip: focus on the page features and overall layout more than the colors and image choices. These can be changed easily making your website look like your own! 

Choose Your Template

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What if I'm interested in a template but I don't want to DIY?
You're in luck! We offer done for you template builds. Reach out via Contact Form if you're interested in one of our templates but would like to have it done for you. 

What is Showit?
Showit is an amazing website platform, similar to Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, etc., but more customizable without needing to know code! 

How do I get started?
To get started with one of our templates, you will need to sign up for a Showit account and choose a plan. Once you have an account in place, you can then easily install your chosen template with your supplied Showit Sharekey and hit the ground running. More info on how to install will be in your purchase confirmation email, but trust us, it's super easy :) 

All digital items are final sale due to the nature of the product. 
Please email for any questions or issues! 

Please read all terms and conditions here before purchasing products.